He was just a dolphin

Swimming in the sea

With his dolphin friends

Happy as can be

Until one day he went

And ventured onto land

And he got bitten by

A radioactive man

Now he's Dolphin Man

Half dolphin, half man

Hear him screech at night

'Cause he just wants a friend

He'll be quite a fright (Jesus Christ)

If you run into him

In the dark abandoned house where he lives


You know he may come off strong

But he's not what he seems

If he ever catches you

You can bet that you'll scream


"Help, let me go"

"Help, let me go"

"Help, let me go"

"Let me go tonight"

You'll scream

"Help, let me go"

"Help, let me go"

"Help, let me go"

"Stop kidnapping me"

She was just a lady

Not a care in the world

'Til she saw some grown men

Kidnapping a girl

She said

"Help, let me go"

So she sprung…